Premium Account

Premium Account is eligible to download extended samples whose volume is around 10,000 per day, bandwidth up to shared 200Mbps, download resuming and multi-thread download are allowed. It typically applies to junior researchers or cyber security beginners. Now you can lift your free account to a premium account, you will be confirmed in 24 hours after payment.

TIPS Premium Account will reverse to limited Free Account when expires. Premium Account is NOT eligible to download full samples that are Professional MalwareList, AndroidList and other advanced fee-based services. If you are an anti-malware vendor, threat intelligence institution, Labs, cyber security expert etc., would like to access exclusive full samples, please subscribe Professional Services.


Privileges are different from account to account.

Free Account Premium Account Professional Account
Volume (Average) 500/day 10,000/day 100,000/day
Accessible Lists MalwareList Only MalwareList Only MalwareList + AndroidList
Download Resuming
Multi-thread Download
Bandwidth (bps) 2M 200M 1G
Monthly Fee (Taxes-free) Free $49.99 $2,000
or Less paid annually*
Suitable For Students Junior Researchers Experts & Businesses
* You could get big discounts for annual payments.