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To access free samples and metadata, please feel free to contact us to apply for a free account. The volume of free samples is around 500 per day.

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TIPS Free download takes a lot of bandwidth, for getting better and stable service, we have to set up limits for the free account as following:
1. Disable multi-thread and resuming download.
2. Limit bandwidth to shared 2Mbps.
3. Limit accessible volume to 500/day.

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Would you like to get more samples and faster speed? It's recommended that you upgrade to premium account to take advantages of following:
1. Enable multi-thread and resuming download.
2. Expand bandwidth to shared 200Mbps.
3. Expand accessible volume to 10,000/day.


Privileges are different from account to account.

Free Account Premium Account Professional Account
Accessible Volume (Average) 500/day 10,000/day 200,000/day
Download Resuming
Multi-Thread Download
Bandwidth (bps) 2M 200M 1G
Monthly Fee (Taxes-free) Free $19.99
Was $29.99
or Less paid annually*
* You could get big discounts for annual payments.