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We release a daily free malware database from MalwareList with around 500 records per day, as well as a daily database and intelligence generated by our AI-powered AMAS system. Both are available for download to all free account users, everyone is welcome to apply for it.

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* NOTE * Free downloads require a significant amount of bandwidth, and to ensure better and more stable service, we have implemented the following limits for free accounts:

1. Multi-threading and resuming downloads are disabled.
2. Bandwidth is limited to a shared 2Mbps.
3. Accessible volume is limited to 500 records per day.

Premium Account

Are you interested in faster downloads and access to a larger volume of database records? Consider upgrading to a Premium Account, which provides the following benefits:

1. Multi-threading and resumable downloads, enabling you to download large files more efficiently and without interruption.
2. An expanded bandwidth limit of 200Mbps, allowing you to download data at much faster speeds.
3. Increased accessibility to 10,000 records per day, providing you with a more extensive and diverse library of threat intelligence.

Upgrade to a Premium Account today and stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats.


Privileges vary depending on the type of account.

Free Account Premium Account Professional Account
Volume (Average) 500/day 10,000/day 100,000/day
Accessible Databases MalwareList Only MalwareList Only MalwareList + AndroidList
Resume Downloads
Multi-thread Download
Bandwidth (bps) 2M 200M 1G
Monthly Fee (Taxes-free) Free $49.99 $2,000
or less when paid annually*
Ideal For Students Junior Researchers Experts & Businesses
* Consider subscribing annually to take advantage of significant discounts.