What's VirusSign?

VirusSign offers a huge collection of high quality malware samples, it is a valuable resource for cyber security, anti-malware and threat intelligence institutions. We open the samples to vendors aim to improve their own products. For trial, we issue a free daily-package, everybody can apply for a free account to download them.

The samples come from honeypots, submissions, trading and exchange, and we use several mainstream antivirus software to confirm them.

Why VirusSign?

DO YOU KNOW? We are servicing for more than 1,000 clients, supplying samples and intelligence to the cyber security companies, research institutions and well-known anti-malware testing organizations. Do you want to improve your product's capability or testing rank? VirusSign can definitely give you benefits.

What Services?

MalwareList - A collection of computer malware samples (for PC) except Android. The volume is around 100,000 per day.

AndroidList - A collecion of mobile samples, it includes Android, Mac and Java samples. the volume is around 10,000 per day.

Automated Malware Analysis System (VSAMAS) - Based on AI, Virtual Machine and Behavior Analyzing, independently identifies unknown malware without any third-party scanners or cloud supports. It has ability to analyze programs about 20,000/Day/PC.

How to Get?

Why don't you subscribe the Professional Services today? You can get full samples, there are big discounts for annual payments. For new subscriber, we will create and e-mail you an account within 24/48 hours.

You rather to pay by bank wire transfer, SWIFT, e-Transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union or other favorite ways? Please contact us.

Note: You only can get the packages within the period of your subscription, if you want to get the departed samples, please contact us.