What is VirusSign?

VirusSign offers a huge collection of high quality samples, it was a valuable resource for antivirus industry, we opened the samples to help security corporations to improve their products. For convenience to experience our services, we issue free daily-packages, everybody can apply an free account to download them, but the free users have some limits, such as the download resuming disabled and the bandwidth limited to shared 2Mbps. Upgrade to premium account is recommended to drop the download limits.

The samples came from honeypots, submissions, trading and exchange, and we use several mainstream antivirus software to confirm them.

Why VirusSign?

We are providing services to over 1000 customers, and VirusSign is offering malware samples to well-known testing organizations of antivirus software. Your product can get best benefit by choosing VirusSign services.

Main Services?

MalwareList - A collection of malware samples except Android, the volume is around 200,000 per day. It can be used to improve your security software.

AndroidList - A collecion of mobile samples, it includes Android, Mac and Java samples. the volume is around 10,000 per day. It can be used to improve your mobile security software.

VirusSignList (Free) - A verified virus list, the volume is 500 per day. It can be direclty added to your virus definition or test detction rate of antivirus software, it is full free.

Automated Malware Analysis System (VSAMAS) - This system can make self-identification for unknown malware without any support of antivirus software. It has ability to analyze programs about 20,000/Day/PC.

Customize & Classify - A special service to classify the samples based on your requirements. Maybe you don't want to get the full samples, you just need one or more types of them, such as Exploits, Bankers, Rootkits, Password Stealers, Rogues, Spyware, Adware etc. We can filter them out based on your requirements.